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Why Interview Feedback Is Important

What is IR35 and how will the changes impact companies that hire contractors?

“In the war for talent, the minor developments, marginal improvements and your attention to detail impact the quality of talent you attract.”

The number one complaint candidates always have during the recruitment process is lack of interview feedback.

Businesses need to treat candidates like they would a customer.

Why is it important to give interview feedback?

  1. The moral issue – the candidate has taken time off work, prepared for the interview and travelled to the business where the interview is taking place. If they are not successful, the very least a hiring manager can do is give some constructive feedback. When candidates take the time, and make the effort at their own expense to attend the interview, if they are unsuccessful, it is extremely beneficial for them to receive constructive feedback.
  2. Building and protecting your brand - The growth in social media allows everyone to be a critic, and disgruntled candidates can – and do! - easily post about negative experiences when it comes to interviews. Conversely, a candidate who has had a good experience is far more likely to recommend your organisation to their friends and peers (and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a personal recommendation!) In addition to this, providing interview feedback could improve your Glassdoor ratings; remember, candidates can leave a review based on their interview experience.  
  3. Unsuccessful candidates could be a future hire – although some candidates may not be quite right now for this particular role, they may be ideal for something else in the future. Providing interview feedback keeps “silver medallists” coming back and applying for other available roles. Furthermore, if you were to headhunt them in the future for something else, they are far more likely to consider the role if they had a positive experience with you in the past.
  4. The candidate could lead to increased internal referrals -  if an employee refers someone who is unsuccessful in their interview, but they receive no feedback, employees may then be reticent to refer anyone else. No matter who you interview, it is worth providing feedback simply out of courtesy, just in case your lack of feedback gets back to what could have been an ideal candidate. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!
  5. It impacts NPS scores - after every interview, we request that the candidate completes a questionnaire based on their experience. We also ask how likely they are to refer the business they have interviewed with to someone else (NPS score). Often an initial high score can be undone by failing to give interview feedback, and a promoter of your company can soon become a detractor!



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