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Senior Consultant & Team Lead

Jack Buckle

Locations: Scotland

About Me

My focus is the Microsoft Development Market across Scotland, predominantly across the Central Belt.

My ultimate goal is to help SME businesses grow their Development teams through these increasingly talent sparse times.

I am tenacious and have a great track record of building long-term partnerships with my clients.

I have a fantastic repeat business record and my approach is thorough which has led to me being recommended by numerous companies and candidates to others.

I am always on the lookout for companies that I can help with their recruitment needs.

I speak with developers every day. When I am approached to take on an assignment I have quality relevant candidates that I can contact immediately. This can substantially reduce the time between a decision to hire and the right person being found.

My Recommendations

"I have found evolution to be a step change from other recruiters operating in the same market. The consultants connection to and knowledge of the specific specialist market on our home city was all the more remarkable for an operation locates hundreds of miles away."

Graeme Bryce - CTO Vehnet

"Having fallen at many hurdles, we're hugely pleased at how successful Jack and Evolution have been in helping us navigate the murky waters. They have far exceeded their peers and our expectations."

Mark Baillie - Director Software Development

"Jack Buckle got me a very nice job, completely within my requirements in ONE WEEK total!"

Christo Kostov - Candidate Placed

"I have had previous experiences with recruitment agents before but Jack really stood up with his professionalism. I had to go trough a really long and agonizing recruitment process but Jack communicated and explained every single step of the process. I felt that his support over this entire period made me feel more confident about the entire recruitment process. So once again thank you Jack."

Bilen Mujdaba - Candidate Placed

"Jack is one of the best recruiters I have ever met. His skills and expertise played and instrumental role in me securing the most exciting role I could think of! Throughout the whole recruitment process, he was extremely professional, helpful and supportive. He showed a keen interest in finding the ideal role for me and genuinely valued my skills, needs and career goals. I will always be grateful and never regret the fact that I trusted him in making this new step in my career. I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone looking for a new position!"

Panagiotis Baralidis - Candidate Placed