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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Chris Parr

Locations: North West England

About Me

In almost two years since joining Evolution I have experienced many ups and downs along the way, as does anyone in sales. 

The support network available from my colleagues through to the board of directors has been key to my success. Looking back, this was quite foreign to me and took a bit of getting used to as I had never really experienced a company that invests so much time into everyone’s development.

I ended my first full year in recruitment (2015) very strong and with two back to back promotions and I am now a Senior Consultant.

This was great and proof that the hard work does pay off and I have enjoyed many achievers lunches and nights out along the way.

My Recommendations

“I hope you don't mind, but I just wanted to highlight the genuinely incredible work that Chris Parr does for job applicants and, therefore, for your company. Chris just secured me a new role, which I'm really excited about, but I should point out that I asked to put this good word in for him before I knew the outcome of my application as his professionalism and support have been that great.

I doubt its company policy for your staff to still be working on a day off that also happens to be their birthday that also happens to be their wife's birthday, that also happens to be so close to Christmas... but that's exactly what Chris was doing for me. As someone with a wedding next month, I've been juggling a number of things all at once and Chris has been totally patient, understanding and has gone more than the extra mile to fully prepare me for the multiple-stage application process. I even threw a nightmare last-minute change of salary expectation at him and he made sure I wasn't throwing my opportunity away while still securing me an uplift over my original expectation.

Assuming your business makes its profit from securing new roles for applicants, the amount of time Chris spends preparing them for the various stages of interview is absolutely critical. I never felt remotely alone throughout and every single question I had was quickly answered by Chris well in advance of when I might have needed it. 

I don't know when the last time Chris' rewards package was reviewed, but I can assure you it might be worth revisiting shortly. I've worked alongside my fair share of personalities, but I doubt any of them have had the same level of commitment to their job that Chris does. On one day recently, he was at home making himself a pizza while still on the phone to me!

He really, genuinely is an incredible asset to your company and I would hope you will do everything to keep him in your organisation.

Mike Allen - Candidate Placed