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Senior Recruitment Consultant

Ben Donkin

Location: Eastern Region 

About Me

Hi, I’m Ben – AKA “Donks”! I’m a Senior Recruitment Consultant here at Evolution, specialising in Front-End and PHP Development roles across East Anglia.

I have had an interesting career before landing here in Evolution; if you want the full low down check out my LinkedIn!

At Evolution I work in a 360-capacity working with some great companies and amazing technologies, not to mention with all the awesome developers that make it all happen.

So, if you are a developer looking for a new challenge or a company looking to bring on your next shining star developer, then get in touch on 01223 930 074, or ben.donkin@evolutionjobs.co.uk.


Ben is the best recruiter I have ever met. Throughout the process of placing me into a role, he was attentive, helpful and patient. He not only closely supported me in my applications, but also kept open communication with me in my first 3 months at the new job, which helps me to smoothly launch my career in Traineasy Ltd. He is very professional, caring and energetic. I would happily recommend him to my friends and colleagues.”

“So, I came to know Ben after a strong recommendation from a colleague of mine; at the time, I had recently become unemployed and was in the middle of striking off on my own to find work. Ben Donkin was the first recruiter I met on this side of the world; his professionalism, dedication to work and enthusiasm for candidates such as myself set the bar extraordinarily high for other recruiters that I had met, so much so that Ben ended up taking up more of my time than most, haha. In all seriousness, Ben Donkin understood my professional desires and sought every opportunity for me to realise them, careful to filter out things that I may not have been interested in. It's because of him and his efforts that I was able to gain leverage in the negotiation space and align myself with an ideal position. Thank you, Ben!”

I'm not what you might call naive, and I can usually tell when someone is selling me a line, even if my false positives leave me somewhat lonely. Being naturally a wee (lot) bit suspicious I couldn't quite believe Ben's manner. But, and this surprised me as much as anyone else who knows me, it's genuine. A thoroughly pleasant man with a warm and caring manner - and who knows his onions too. Not only that but patient enough to let his warmth bypass my Yorkshire recalcitrance (which is odd, I've been down here far longer than I was up there so I really should try and warm up a bit).

I'm writing this not because he got me a position at such-and-such a firm, but because he's just a top geezer. I'd already got a role in mind when we talked, but he's kept in touch and helped in the whole process of changing positions - with nothing in it for him apart from him being just lovely.

I have absolutely no reticence in recommending him to other developers looking for a new role.”