Meet Our Consultants: Sonam Sawalani

Three years ago, Sonam Sawalani took the plunge and left her cushy government job to join Evolution Singapore.


Now Head of Talent Search Team and Senior Account Manager, she shares her journey since joining Evolution, the daily ups and downs, foosball games and dress-up parties.


1. Tell us about how you came to be in Evolution. What were you doing before Evolution? 


My first job was in the public sector. I was there for 4.5 years. I wanted to switch to the private sector as part of my professional development. Even though my family and friends felt that recruitment sales was an extreme move, I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did! What appealed to me was the freedom to take charge of my success and career progression, which is rare in many industries.


2. What’s your favourite memory in Evolution?


Hmm…this is a hard question as I've attended a few really fun parties, activities and trips. If I have to pick one, that would be the helicopter ride around New York City as part of the global achievers' trip in the first half of 2017. The annual Christmas yacht party is always great fun too!


Helicopter ride around New York City during the Global Achievers’ Trip
Helicopter ride around New York City during the Global Achievers’ Trip
Last year, we dressed up as pirates at the annual Christmas yacht party
Last year, we dressed up as pirates at the Christmas yacht party


3. What’s your favourite activity in Evolution?


There’re too many! Recently, we went to the trampoline park and that was a lot of fun! Everyone was having a great time jumping and falling. We went Go Karting recently and it brought out the competitive side of some of us! A daily dose of foosball in the office also gets everyone very high-spirited!

Trip to trampoline park, Bounce


Go karting


4. What has been your biggest challenge?


I was told that the first 6 to 12 months in recruitment would be the hardest. I guess, for anyone new in a job, setbacks can hit you hard and make you question the investment you’ve made in terms of effort, time and emotional energy. Having someone who constantly believes in and supports you, makes things more attainable. In my case, that person would be my boss. Having to manage the highs when things were going well and the lows when things were not, was a challenge for me.


Case in point, a while back, I was handling a large account and had helped my client secured a good candidate. However, due to some issues on the candidate’s end, he rejected the role. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to find a replacement – an outstanding candidate who eventually received an offer from my client. However, while he was serving his notice, he decided to continue staying with his then-employer. My heart froze when I got the news as I couldn't believe that the deal was going to fall through the second time. I was determined not to let this happen and came up with a plan. Thankfully, things ended well in the end!



5. What is your biggest success up until now?


The whole journey! It has been an enriching and rewarding one. I took the plunge with no sales, recruitment or IT experience. Now, I’m leading a team of hardworking and committed people - all of this means a lot to me! 


My AWESOME team!
My AWESOME team!


6. What does your perfect day look like?


A perfect day would be one where I've struck off all the items on my to-do list. Sometimes, I set out to achieve certain things within the day, but those don’t necessarily happen. We’re in a people business, and changes are bound to happen either on the clients' or candidates' end. Like the case I mentioned earlier! That said, if I could celebrate one small success a day across the team or achieve something that has taken my business forward from where it was, I’d feel motivated and accomplished. 


7. What’s one thing you would change if you get to do it again?


I don't know, I don't really look back and think about these things. If I do disappoint myself or something upsets me, I analyse it, reflect on it and move on. 


8. If it's my first day of work at Evolution, what would you say to me?


Welcome onboard, welcome to the family! :)


Evolution Singapore celebrates its 6th birthday!
Evolution Singapore celebrates its 6th birthday!


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