Meet Our Consultants: Genevieve Seah

Genevieve Seah joined Evolution in 2016 as a Talent Consultant. A year later, she was promoted to Senior Talent Consultant and most recently to Client Solutions Consultant. A civil engineer by training, she shares with us what inspired her bold move into recruitment and her Evolution Experience.


1. What were you doing before Evolution? How did you come to be in Evolution?

I was a Civil Engineer. My work involved managing construction projects, going to
construction sites, meeting contractors and clients, and doing engineering designs. I did that
for 5 years before I figured that an engineering career wasn’t aligned with my career goals - I
felt that I could achieve so much more. That was when my friend opened my mind to
recruitment and she referred me to Evolution. She is a headhunter and shared with me how a
career in recruitment can be challenging and rewarding. Being in Evolution has allowed me
to be thrown out of my comfort zone and have a career that’s rewarding in terms of personal
growth and monetary gain.


2. What is your favourite memory in Evolution?

Apart from our daily foosball match, it has to be times when my friends at Evolution get
together to have fun. I’m very grateful that I work with people who help one another during
tough times. Because of that, we’ve built very strong friendships in the office.


3. What was your favourite activity in Evolution?

Foosball hahaha!


4. What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me would be having to push myself and persevere whenever things
get tough. Success in recruitment boils down to hard work and strong will. There is no


5. Describe yourself.

I’m someone who doesn’t like to be defined by what I can or can‘t do. Having had a difficult
time growing up, I always think that if others can do it, so can I. Be it an engineer or a
headhunter, I want to push myself and prove that I can succeed too.


6. What is Success to you?

To me, it doesn’t have to be one big success. It’s the little successes I gain each day in terms
of personal growth and development that mean a lot to me.


7. What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is a day when I’m productive and positive thoughts fill my mind.


8. What’s one thing you would change if you had to do it over?

That would be a mindset change to less worrying and more doing.


9. If it's my first day of work at Evolution, what would you say to me?

Your success hinges on your attitude and hard work. If you’re determined to succeed,
Evolution has everything you need to help you get there. Believe in yourself and you will see
your efforts bear fruits.


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