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As a market-leading global recruitment group focused on information technology, our purpose is clear – we help people and organisations realise their potential. We take time to listen and advise our clients throughout the recruitment process. It’s these relationships that enable us to offer our clients the best talent in the market.

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Improving your onboarding programme


1. Get feedback from the new hire’s direct managers.

Ask the new hire's direct manager for his or her views on the new hire’s performance. They may have gathered their views from one-to-one sessions with the new hire and other areas in the onboarding roadmap they have been involved in. You can have the same questionnaire or survey for all managers which would help you track managers' responses to include in your onboarding programme’s progress report.


2. Get feedback from the new hire too

Ask the new hires for their views on specific areas of the programme and how it can be improved. The new hires most likely would have experienced onboarding programmes at other companies and would able to give you new ideas.

3. Measure the company’s retention rate

Track the average length of time an employee stays at your company and how changes to your onboarding programme have affected those numbers. The findings should be able to help you determine time points where the flight risk is greater. You would then be able to look into implementing interventions before that. Flight risk is the employee's tendency to leave the company.



Day 1:
1. Host a “culture welcome”. Get to know the new hire outside of work.
2. Share the onboarding programme plan with the new hire.
3. Announce the new hire’s arrival in email.
4. Take the new hire for an office tour and introduce him or her to other colleagues.

First 30-90 days:
1. Introduce to key business partners/leaders
2. Make time for periodic one-on- one sessions and peer feedback
3. Provide opportunities for new hire to have customer, field and product experiences
4. Allow for job shadowing
5. Monitor progress and performance of new hire
6. Survey new hire and direct manager
7. Honour monthly achievements or special occasions, e.g. birthdays
8. Encourage participation in the company’s voluntary activities


First Year:
1. Remind hire about the benefits and incentive programmes
2. Communicate ongoing learning/training opportunities
3. Recognise achievements
4. Stay connected with formal and informal two-way feedback


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Great recruitment experience

We develop close and effective working partnerships with clients to ensure we understand their strategic challenges and search requirements.


Deep market insights in IT recruitment

Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. Conducting research studies and gathering market intelligence are essential parts of our search approach.


Ambitious, Innovative and Collaborative

Our values guide our approach to recruiting the best-matched talent for our clients and securing the best opportunities for our candidates.


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