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As a market-leading global recruitment group focused on information technology, our purpose is clear – we help people and organisations realise their potential. We take time to listen and advise our clients throughout the recruitment process. It’s these relationships that enable us to offer our clients the best talent in the market.

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Determining the remuneration package


Having chosen which candidate you wish to hire, you now have to create and make a job offer, and to have the candidate accept your job offer.


The remuneration package is typically viewed as the most important part of a job offer. It is also called the salary, salary package, earnings, wages or income. When you are hiring a candidate, it is normal to discuss in terms of an annual remuneration package made up of:

  • Base guaranteed salary
  • Discretionary bonuses and commissions
  • Other monetary benefits such as travel allowances, stock options, club memberships and medical insurance
  • Non-monetary benefits such as holiday entitlements




In determining the level of remuneration you should offer, you might have to consider these issues:

  • Does your company have a fixed grading and salary structure?
  • Do you have flexibility in what you can offer? Do you need to get approval from others in your ogranisation?
  • How much would the candidate consider attractive?
  • What are the current market levels of remuneration?
  • What is the candidate’s most recent salary package?
  • What are the candidate’s expectations?
  • Are there specific things that the candidate is looking for?


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Past salary verification


You may ask the candidate to provide verification of their most recent salary package. This could be their payslips in the last 3 months.


Are your remuneration package competitive?


Having a competitive remuneration package will help you get the candidate to say ‘yes’ to your offer. To know if your remuneration package is competitive, you can reflect upon these questions:

  • Have you had trouble hiring staff in the past?
  • Have candidates ever declined your job offer?
  • Did they tell you which parts of the offer they found unattractive?
  • Have you had many newly hired staff leave your company?
  • Did they share with you why they were leaving?

Market level remuneration package


Seeking information about the level of salaries offered for similar roles in the same or related industries and in the same city can help you assess the competitiveness of your company’s remuneration package.


You may get such information by asking staff at other companies, or by speaking to your recruitment consultant.


Want to know the latest IT salary trends?

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Recruitment Trend Report 2018/2019: What IT Professionals Really Want


Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. We surveyed more than 400 IT professionals based in Singapore to shed light on What IT Professionals Really Want.


This report identifies the top factors influencing their decision to switch jobs and their views on working at a startup. This is the first study of its kind in Singapore and is designed to help employers and HR professionals formulate hiring and retention strategies that yield better results.


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