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As a market-leading global recruitment group focused on information technology, our purpose is clear – we help people and organisations realise their potential. We take time to listen and advise our clients throughout the recruitment process. It’s these relationships that enable us to offer our clients the best talent in the market.

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Creating an Onboarding Roadmap


An employee onboarding roadmap contains a schedule of events and milestones the new hire goes through as part of onboarding. A sample roadmap may look something like this:


Before Employee Starts:
1. Share company mission, values and other key information via email
2. Send a personalised welcome. Include useful resources e.g. URLs to company intranet,
information about parking, lunch options etc
3. Ensure new hire’s workspace is set up. Check the desk, phone and computer.
4. Ensure new hire’s entry access is granted and set up.


10 Steps to Successful Candidate Onboarding


1. Explore and Sell

Take an interest in the candidate. Ask them what they want from the role. Use this information to help you sell your opportunity to them.


2. WOW Factor

Make the candidate feel wanted. Impress them. Show them around the workplace and facilities. Introduce them to their potential new colleagues.


3. Time Kills All Deals

Move quickly with any offer. Send out contracts and required paperwork as soon as possible. Candidates in short supply will have more than your offer to consider.


4. Communication

Be in close communication with your new hire. Check in regularly and invite them for lunch. Invite some of the team members to start building relationships with new hire.


5. Plan

Work with the new employee to create a plan. Ask for preferences on hardware and software. Discuss projects and future requirements to maintain their interest.


6. Timetable

Create a timetable to give to your new employee. This gives them an idea of what to expect and can help ease nerves, making their first few weeks more enjoyable.


7. First Impressions Count

Be ready for your employee’s first day. Ensure that their workspace and equipment are set up. Don’t leave them to stand around feeling awkward.


8. Boarding

Hold an initial 30-60 minute meeting to update on any changes. Discuss timetable and immediate requirements. Introduce to the new hire to colleagues and tour the workplace with them.


9. Use a Buddy System

Partner them up with a buddy to help them with any problems or questions they may have. Arrange for them to take the new employee for lunch.


10. Listen

Conduct regular reviews with the new staff members. Listen and take action. Don’t just give them lip service.


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Great recruitment experience

We develop close and effective working partnerships with clients to ensure we understand their strategic challenges and search requirements.


Deep market insights in IT recruitment

Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. Conducting research studies and gathering market intelligence are essential parts of our search approach.


Ambitious, Innovative and Collaborative

Our values guide our approach to recruiting the best-matched talent for our clients and securing the best opportunities for our candidates.


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