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As a market-leading global recruitment group focused on information technology, our purpose is clear – we help people and organisations realise their potential. We take time to listen and advise our clients throughout the recruitment process. It’s these relationships that enable us to offer our clients the best talent in the market.

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Assessing your current onboarding programme


A well-designed onboarding programme makes good business sense. Hiring new staff is expensive. It has been estimated to cost, on average, around US$4,129 per hire. You do not want your good hires to leave shortly after they were hired as this wastes precious time and money. Helping your new hires navigate transition, addressing their new job anxieties and introducing them to the company’s culture can help them get productive quicker.


Additionally, helping the new hire build positive working relationships with their colleagues will help him or her adjust better, encouraging collaboration in the workplace. With the competition for talent on the rise, it is no surprise that your good hires will get opportunities knocking on their doors all the time. If you don’t keep them engaged, especially in their first year, they will leave.



Use the following checklist to assess your current on boarding programme:

□ Your onboarding process is formally documented or written down somewhere.
□ It is clear who owns each task in the onboarding process.
□ It is chronological.
□ Timeframes are clearly indicated for each task.
□ If someone departs your company, is it clear who will be taking over their tasks.

Training Content
□ Any content you use for onboarding is free of “insider” jargon or terms.
□ Training material is up-to- date
□ Format is easy-to- access, e.g. digital resources is easier to access compared to hardcopy resources.

□ The programme plan addresses both cultural and technical onboarding.
□ There is a buddy or mentor system in place.
□ IT tasks are addressed in the programme plan and the IT department knows what their roles are.
□ Existing employees have ran through the plan and provided their feedback.
□ Checkpoints and feedback opportunities have been built into your programme plan.
□ The plan addresses the start to the end of the onboarding programme.

□ The plan also covers the time period after an employee accepts the job offer but before they start the job.



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We develop close and effective working partnerships with clients to ensure we understand their strategic challenges and search requirements.


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Attracting and retaining IT talent begin with knowing what appeals to them. Conducting research studies and gathering market intelligence are essential parts of our search approach.


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Our values guide our approach to recruiting the best-matched talent for our clients and securing the best opportunities for our candidates.


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