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Chris Bennett
Feb 12 2020

The top technology trends of 2020

Are you prepared for the top tech trends of 2020?

Last month, we sponsored, attended and spoke at the eagerly anticipated GB Bullhound Technology Predictions event in Stockholm. Known as the industry authority on the future of the tech landscape, we learnt the now, near and next of the global technology sector. What were the key takeaways for our European tech candidates and clients? 

1. AI isn’t dead

The AI hype may have been and gone, but AI certainly isn’t dead in the business world. While the initial dream of machine learning and advanced algorithms may have fallen short of what was achievable in the real world of work, 2020 will be different. Rather than deploying horizontal AI across the enterprise IT stack, organisations will be looking for vertical AI SaaS solutions to solve specific business challenges. 

This will enable the automation of certain tasks, which will allow people to be repurposed to new or more effective roles; making AI a business enabler, not a people replacer. 

2. CSR tech will boom

My favourite prediction for the year ahead is the boom of CSR in the tech-sphere. CSR has gained significant recognition over recent years. It has gone from being something mentioned in the corner of a company’s website to a customer-facing policy that’s driving purchases, investment and even employment decisions. We’ve certainly seen an increase in technical candidates and contractors inquiring about a company’s CSR practices before seeking information on starting salary. 

In 2020, it’s expected that tech start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises will use technology to enhance their CSR practices. For example, using technology to streamline and automate the collection of multi-source data, and to analyse impact and highlight areas for improvement. If you’re not doing the same, you could quickly fall behind. 

3. Businesses will move into the cloud

Moving into the cloud is a big priority for businesses this year, increased by the number of companies moving their computer processing to the network edge. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud experience are all in high-demand in the industry, and many recruiting companies are opting for freelance developers and DevOps consultants to help. 

If cloud experience is going to be a business priority for you this year, we recommend developing your in-house team by recruiting for developers who are eager to expand their skills into cloud tech. 

4. The war in streaming will cause a global war for talent 

2020 will see an influx of digital streaming services on the market. Not only will this lead to a battle for customers, but it’s going to cause a global war for talent too. As the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ attempt to lure people to their platforms, these big names will be looking to use data to decide which movies and series are going to win views and subscriptions. 

Cutting-edge technology experience and languages will be in high demand, and these names aren’t afraid of paying well, offering competitive policies or engaging with global candidates, as shown by the popularity of our freelance consultants in Stockholm.

5. Data lakes will replace relational databases

The amount of data being produced today is phenomenal, but it’s proving increasingly difficult for traditional relational databases to handle. This year, we will see the emergence of data lakes - offering increased accessibility, ease of use and, importantly, a unified view of a business’ unstructured data. 

The potential of this technology and the ability to work with a single unstructured data repository is phenomenal, and businesses will be searching for IT talent that can help implement and manage this tech. 

6. Marketing will be taken over by machines

Consumer marketing has flooded inboxes, swamped social media and interrupted web browsing to the point where no one takes any notice. To overcome this, marketing departments are deploying hyper-personalisation tech - AI and machine learning that delivers personalised customers experiences that grab attention and drive engagement, at scale. 

This is an up-and-coming industry so expect lots of coverage over the next 12 months. 

7. Smart devices will get smarter

The announcement of the A13-Bionic chip in the iPhone 11 set the bar for future smart device development. It’s also caused a rush for talent that can help. Using machine learning, the new iPhone 11 tech will deliver a seamless smartphone experience that enhances user performance in a way never witnessed before. And competitors want in on the action. 

8. Gaming will change as we know it

Netflix and Spotify both changed the way we own and access movies and music. Now, it’s time for the gaming industry. Subscription-based gaming will take off this year, as gamers increasingly favour access to a library of titles over traditional game ownership. With lower upfront costs, this has the potential to increase both accessibly to the world of gaming, as well as in-game spend. 

In addition, streaming platforms are entering the market, revolutionising the traditional console method of gaming. It’s safe to say that those in the industry will be particularly busy keeping up with the pace of change this year. 

9. Commercial deployment of 5G

One of the most significant advancements in technological infrastructure and mobile broadband is set to take place this year, as the main contenders in the 5G race near the finish line. 5G has the potential to increase data ranges, enhance bandwidth, lower latency and power mobile computing - disrupting the industry and strengthening the potential for IoT and IIOT. 

As the battle to commercially deploy 5G intensifies, we expect a surge in requests for appropriately qualified candidates and contractors. 

10. XaaS

And finally, the success of the “as-a-service” movement has led to the introduction of XaaS - everything as a service. By implementing this new operational model, businesses can cut costs, increase productivity, speed up deployment and scale their businesses fast. Watch this space for RaaS

Read the full Technology Predictions report here.

The future of the technology sector looks exciting. If you’re looking to develop your IT career in 2020, or your business is hiring freelancers in Sweden, please get in touch.

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