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Paul Hackett
Sep 28 2020

Tech Leaders Discuss Scaling Distributed Teams

We sat down with technology leaders from across the Nordics to discuss scaling distributed teams.


Oussama Zaki - Director of Engineering at Svea Solar

Jesper Weissglas - Technical Director at Apegroup

Fia Tjernberg - Studio Director of Technical Design


Oussama on opening up onboarding: 

If you have a question first have a meeting with this person. And I particularly can can speak about an experience again, when I, when we on boarded a designer, we kind of before that person joined, we've had a meeting to decide on how it's going to feel like and how it's going to look like when you get on board. So and we kind of went through with the person and kind of find out like a checklist. First of all, you have to book a little handout meeting with our CFO so he can explain to you our brand, our strategy and things like that. So you got a picture on what we are really trying to do. The second thing, maybe you want to sit with the brand team to understand the key elements of the brand colours? How do we use the typo and stuff like this? So you can actually tap into the brand and have the necessary tools so you can start contributing in terms of design. And this The third thing is that well, now you kind of made it and you have to speak with the team. So set up something for yourself, whatever might you might like to do. Some people already worked with some tools Previously, we don't want to kind of be very strict on data. Now you're going to use this tool to kind of get to where you want. So but let them actually suggest what kind of tool they want to drive their meeting into. And I've seen particular innovation in there where people they decide Oh, this is how I want to be on board. You know, I kind of this is the piece of information I need.

Fia on handling important conversations while remote: 

 it became very important for me as a manager to be available and to notify my team members almost daily that I am available. So they get reminded to call me if there's anything. I started noticing that sitting at my desk and talking with them with my desktop webcam, you know, sitting as I do normally when I work doesn't work so well. Because usually, people want to talk about how they feel about being alone, for example, how they feel about solving difficult things alone or losing touch with their colleagues and things like that. Or they want to talk about some colleague who is not delivering on time that they're upset about them. These more difficult topics usually require me to go for a walk and encourage them to do the same so that we can talk more freely. And when I was sitting in front of our desk, and I think that worked really well. So I started to take instead of eight calls, I started to take phone calls with them and going on a walk basically together and letting them talk through whatever it should they have and encouraged them to think well maybe that colleague that you're upset about they actually have a tough time to at work right now. So they can deliver Have you thought about that I would think about what they're going through.



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