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Chris Bennett
Nov 27 2020

Roundtable: Platform Product Management

We sat down with technical leaders to discuss platform product management on the latest Evolution roundtable. 


❇️ Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot Senior Product Manager Spotify
❇️ David Rejdemyhr VP of Engineering at Detectify
❇️ Iliya Prince Senior Engineering Manager at Klarna
❇️ John Broome Director of Product Management & UX at Syncron

Topics of discussion:

  • What are the most difficult issues to deal with when managing a newish platform compared to one that is established and has a lot of paying customers? 
  • What are the right reasons to switch to a new platform and when it is better to invest in the existing solution? How to avoid unnecessary / harmful changes? 
  • How can we avoid building a platform missing its targets and that is too disconnected with actual end-customer needs?
  • When working with a platform, how can you ensure that the product is scalable and not optimised for the needs of one customer at different stages of the product lifecycle?

Chris Bennett

Nordic Business Manager

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