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Chris Bennett
Jul 01 2020

Becoming A Freelance Consultant in Sweden

The IT and tech scene in Sweden has never been stronger, and with home-grown names including Spotify, Klarna and King, Sweden knows a thing or two about tech talent. In particular, Swedish businesses know the value of temporary external resource for bringing passion, knowledge and innovation to existing projects. 

It's why freelancing in the country is hugely popular, and it's why businesses are crying out for skilled freelance technical consultants in Sweden. 

Moving from full-time employment (FTE) into freelance consultancy is easy, when you know how. And we're here to show you. 

Why Freelance Technical Consulting?

If your IT career has flourished in full-time employment positions, you may be wondering whether freelance consulting is the right move for you. Here are a few things to consider: 

Firstly, Consultants can earn up to 100% more than permanent staff. Combine that with the sheer variety of projects in Sweden requiring technical support and you've got a recipe for success. This means that even a brief stint in freelancing will expose you to a range of interesting, exciting and innovative work. You'll also have the opportunity to meet different people, use the latest IT and work on tomorrow's tech. 

Finally, our technical consultants report being happier in their work. They're free of internal office politics, they have the freedom to take longer holidays, they get to travel across the world, and they're always in demand. 


Why Freelance in Sweden?

Sweden is undergoing a skills crisis, with more freelance consultant roles than skilled candidates to fill them. And, with Sweden being the second most innovative country in the world, this presents a considerable problem. 

Sweden is known for its tech. We've already mentioned some of the big names originating from Sweden and the list goes on. If you're looking to work with some of the most innovative tech minds in the world, then look no further. 

Sweden's capital, Stockholm, produces the highest number of unicorns per capita, and five of the top ten fastest-growing companies in Europe are from Sweden. And, it tops Forbes' annual list of the best countries for business. 

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is also taken very seriously in Sweden. And, with an average annual leave allowance of 33-days per year, freelancer consultants are not only ok to take holidays, but they're also expected to. 

Sweden is also hugely welcoming to international talent. Citizens of the EU and EEA have an automatic right of residence within Sweden, known as "uppehallsratt" (in your own right) or "uppehallstillstand" (as a family member). 

Evolution has worked with IT and tech professionals across Europe for many years and Sweden is one of the most popular locations with both locals and Europeans relocating their careers. 

How To Register As A Freelancer in Sweden

So, how do you set yourself up as a freelance consultant in Sweden?To get started, you have two options: 


Working as an enskild naringsidkare in Sweden, you must register your business with the Swedish Tax Agency and, if necessary, the Swedish Companies Registration Office. 

Swedish nationals can use their personal identification number for the process. Non-Swedish nationals must obtain a samordningsnummer (coordination number) for contracts under a year or register on the fol kbokford (Swedish Population Register) for longer contracts. 

Freelancing as a sole trader has significant administrative benefits and is much simpler when it comes to tax. It's, therefore, a popular option for those beginning their contracting career. If you'd like help setting yourself up as a sole trader in Sweden, the Evolution team can walk you through the entire process. 



Alternatively, you can set up your own limited company to trade through. To do this, you must register your business with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency. 

Contracting through a limited company has numerous tax, financial and risk benefits. However, it can be slightly more complex to set up and run. This is a popular option for experienced sole traders or those entering a long-term contract. 

What's Next?

Once you know how to start freelancing, all that's left is finding the right opportunity. At Evolution Recruitment Solutions, we have an entire team specialised in freelance tech roles in Sweden. We work with a variety of names on a range of projects - meaning that we'll have the right opportunity for your skills, interests and career. 

Our team recruits Swedish nationals and people from across the world, daily - helping with relocation and all the necessary paperwork and steps.

Whoever you are, wherever you're working and whatever questions you have - we can help. Contact us for a relaxed chat about what you want out of your career and the possibilities that are out there for you. 


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