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Data Science

Peter Duong

About Me:

What did you do in your pre-recruitment life? 
I was an accountant.


When did you start working within recruitment? What year?
I started in recruitment in 2014. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to recruit in the accounting and finance space, an area I knew well having been an accountant myself.


What is your market of speciality?
- Data Science
- Data Engineering     

What interests and passions do you have?
- Travelling - and yes, that includes having an enjoyment in flying as well!
- Formula 1, basketball and cricket
- I've dabbled in golf for over a year nowp; I'm not very good at it - but will keep trying.
- Self-development. I like learning, absorbing and taking action 
- YouTube - I love that you can find all sorts of videos and learn anything on YouTube.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself
I once fell out of a golf cart - that I was driving! I gave myself an 8.0 for the landing - there's room for improvement.


What do you like most about working for Evo Oz?
It's an open, lively and passionate environment. No-one takes themselves too seriously and for bonus points: the view!!!


Where can people meet you?
Anywhere that has ice cream or gelato or generally the outdoors - I like a nice walk or jog.