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Delivery Lead

Matt O'Connell

About Me:

What did you do in your pre-recruitment life?
Sold anything and everything across the whole of NSW, travelled 100,000 kms/year, basically a truck driver in a suit!! 2nd favourite job ever.


When did you start working within recruitment?
What year? I began in pre iPhone times – 2007 – and had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into!!!


What is your market of speciality?
Having worked just about every role in the IT and blue collar industries I know do a bit of A & E. Anything that falls outside a direct market occupied by my colleagues comes to me. I love the variety. Every week I am working a skill I had previously never heard of!!!


What interests and passions do you have?

  • Table tennis / anything sport really.
  • Horse racing – have a stable of horses.
  • Netflix has changed my life recently – late to the party I know.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself
Grew up in West Dubbo and on my first day in recruitment received the honour of a very creative nickname ‘Dubbo’. I don’t think I have been referred to by my birth name ever since. 
Never lost a Bledisloe Cup either. Proud Aussie / Kiwi!


What do you like most about working for Evo Oz?

  • The variety in my role and the ability of Evo to move with the recruitment times and attempt to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • The quality achievable incentives in place.
  • The eclectic mix of people that make up Evo Oz – what a crew!

Where can people meet you?

  • Chocalat in the MLC centre between 7.45 and 8am.
  • Eden bar after 6pm on a Friday.
  • Coogee on weekends.
  • Allianz Stadium members bar eastern end behind the glass at any Roosters home game.
  • The Golf course from now on – practicing early for retirement.

"Matt reached out to me for an opportunity that not only just met my skills but also met my expectations as a next step towards my career goal. His good working relationship with client made the otherwise daunting process really a breeze, he kept me up-to-date with all the information, and had a very good understanding of the client's business. It was a pleasure working with Matt!" (20/11/2018)

"​Matt O'Connell has been fantastic. He keeps you up-to-date with the progress of your application and is always punctual and puts in the extra effort. If I were to look for another role in the future, he would definitely be my first port of call. By far the best recruitment consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with." (31/08/2017)

"Matt succeeded where all others had failed." (02/06/2017)

"Matt is highly technical and I thank him for arranging an interview. He did provide me great interview tips and communicated throughout the interview process to help me perform better." (24/05/2017)

"The consultant who dealt with my application for this role was professional, positive and did everything they could to ensure that the only thing I had to worry about was to show my skills and ability to the client. Throughout the whole job application process the consultant was focused on the needs of the company and the applicant rather than the outcome of the application, which gives me great confidence that they put the interests of the people involved as a top priority in what they do." (03/04/2017)