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Lead Talent Consultant

Jordan Divertie

About Me:

What did you do in your pre-recruitment life?
I was a Greenkeeper before joining Evolution.


When did you start working within recruitment?
I started in 2015. Recruitment is in my blood. My Mum, Leanne has been working in recruitment since the dinosaurs were around (sorry Mum). I wanted to be like her and didn’t like the cold 5am winter mornings on the golf course!


What is your market of speciality?
My market of speciality is Mobile & Games Development, I enjoy being one of the first people to know about the new innovative apps coming to market and being part of something that has the ability to change peoples’ lives.


What interests and passions do you have?
In December 2016 I represented Evolution in the Corporate Fighter and won my fight. I am a sports tragic I play cricket, rugby league and rugby union. 

Last years cricket season I scored 160 not out in a rep game but didn’t get picked for the next game as it wasn’t enough! Mind you I am a bowler…

I’m also the Videographer / Statistician for Hakoah City Sydney East FC.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself
Not about myself but did you know that Steven Seagal isn’t actually a seagull?!


What do you like most about working for Evo Oz?
Coming to work with your mates everyday, the culture we have in here is second to none. 


Where can people meet you?
Sydney Tech Battles that we organise as well as some of the other Mobile ones.

Hakoah City Sydney East FC football matches.

(Or Eden bar after 5pm on a Friday)


"Jordan Divertie of Evolution was just one of the several recruiters in Australia who reached out to me. There were over 30 recruiters who reached out to me. Talking to Jordan could potentially save you a lot of time. Maybe even an entire year. 

He most certainly did more than standard keyword matching when searching for candidates and companies they work with. He reviews every opportunity, and can give a very a good assessment for each. I definitely want to thank him as he saved a lot of time for me. Jordan and Evolution showed high level of professionalism you would not expect from the recruitment industry." (06/11/2017)

"Jordan was easy for me to talk to and supported me through my interviews...He was always available to chat despite being in wildly different time zones. Super professional and driven. I would definitely recommend working with him if you're looking for a tech job." (18/10/2017)

"Satisfied because of frequent status update and tips for interview. In addition they gave advice to improve CV." (08/09/2017)

"I recommend Evolution agency, especially Jordan. He opens a lot of prospective employers and keeps me updated of the progress. He also suggested a good way to improve my CV." (29/08/2017)