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Talent SAFE Contract Recruitment

Talent S.A.F.E. Logo

Mitigating Risk & Defining Value

Talent SAFE is our trademarked Framework that mitigates risk and defines value for you when hiring an IT contractor.

Our Talent SAFE contractors have been comprehensively vetted to give you clarity of fit and skills when you are considering hiring.

Hire Safe - Talent SAFE

SKILLS - Evidenced – Interviewed, Technically Tested & User Validated


AUDITED - Statutorily Complaint – Collated Proof & Documentation


FIT - Culture & Personality – Checked with past colleagues


EARNINGS - Within Your Budget – Confirmed & Guaranteed

Talent SAFE - Talent Pack

Comprehensive Talent Packs comprising documented evidence that supports all four Talent SAFE categories are provide for short listed contractors to aid you in your decision making:

Talent Pack